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The Beverly Hills Male Enhancement team acknowledges the sensitivity and confidentiality associated with male enhancement discussions. Our highly skilled specialists and staff are well aware of this aspect and possess comprehensive knowledge about the latest advancements in treatments for men.

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Dr. Liu and Dr. Lander carefully evaluate each case with a personalized and thorough approach, rejecting the notion of a generic solution. They sincerely commit to every patient and dedicate the time to devise a tailored system that suits your specific needs. By employing a systematic methodology and fostering a warm and supportive atmosphere, they ensure patients feel comfortable and well-supported throughout their journey.

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The LARGE and LARGER Methods

The LARGE and LARGER methods are the leading procedure protocols at Beverly Hills Male Enhancement. LARGE is an acronym for “Length And Real Girth Enlargement” and final “R” in LARGER stands for Rehabilitation.

The LARGE procedure encompasses several essential components, beginning with the detachment of the suspensory ligament through a minor surgical intervention. Following this, a sleeve is inserted using either Allodedrm or Surgimend materials, and fat or filler is injected into the shaft. For further enhancement, filler injections can be administered into the glans. The LARGER procedure expands upon the aforementioned LARGE protocol by incorporating penis Rehabilitation. This rehabilitative aspect aims to improve the quality and aesthetic appearance of erections, offering benefits to patients irrespective of whether they have erectile dysfunction. Enhanced erectile function results in a perceived increase in penile size.

Both the LARGE and LARGER procedures comprise a comprehensive package of various treatments, affording patients not only cost benefits but also improved overall care.

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