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The recommended method for increasing penis length is through surgery to detach the suspensory ligament. This procedure results in a small scar, which can be concealed by pubic hair. For girth augmentation, a collagen sheath can be inserted using the same incision, streamlining the process with a single procedure. Each sheath insertion provides a more natural feel compared to multiple injections, which might lead to an inconsistent texture. At Beverly Hills Male Enhancement, our preferred approach to simultaneously enhance both length and girth involves a minor surgery, creating a discreet incision concealed behind the pubic hair at the base of the penis.

As the term suggests, these fillers provide temporary results, necessitating repetition every six to eighteen months. Nevertheless, the filler we use at Beverly Hills Male Enhancement, Bellafill, is a permanent one, eliminating the need for frequent repetitions, except for occasional touch-ups in case of penile deterioration.

In general, it is considered safe and feasible to administer filler injections after a person has undergone other surgeries (such as Penuma or Surgimend insertion) for penis augmentation. However, caution should be exercised when considering surgical insertion after filler injections, as adhesion resulting from the surgery can make the procedure very challenging and potentially unsafe.

One of the issues with Penuma for instance is its firmness, which can sometimes be palpable on the skin surface, leading to an unnatural appearance. This concern can be addressed with filler injections.

For patients who had fat injections for girth enlargement, some may experience complaints of the penis feeling excessively soft and appearing uneven. This is a common problem associated with fat injection, as the fat may be unevenly absorbed, and fat itself has a soft consistency. To improve this, intra-dermal filler injections (inside the skin) can be utilized to create a supportive “shell,” and sub-dermal injections (underneath the skin) can help even out the appearance.

If a patient suffers from ED, it can be addressed simultaneously with penile enlargement. Typically, a combination of shock wave treatment, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) or bone marrow aspirate injections are used to treat the erectile dysfunction. Following this treatment, filler injections can be administered, or the Surgimend procedure can be performed, all in one session. Our team of surgeons specializes in both enlargement and rehabilitation.

Sometimes, when a penile implant is inserted, it may not fit perfectly, leading to areas of pressure and protrusion, resulting in problems and deformity. Even when the implant is initially placed correctly, occasional issues can arise because the shape of the penis changes and deteriorates with age, while the implant remains unchanged. For instance, the glans (head of the penis) may not experience the engorgement of blood that occurs during a normal erection due to erectile dysfunction, leading to atrophy over time.

The outline of the implant might become visible or palpable through the skin, causing discomfort to the patient or their partner due to its sharpness, which can lead to complaints during sexual activity. Other areas of the implant might also become prominent and easily felt under the skin, causing pain and appearing abnormal.

To address these issues, filler injections can be used to smooth out the edges of the implant and, at the same time, enhance the size of the penis. This approach is a beneficial addition to the treatment for the patient, offering a solution to improve both the cosmetic appearance and the patient’s overall satisfaction.

Fat injections for non-surgical penis enlargement are typically $8,500.00 for the first injection and around $6,500.00 for the second. When it comes to fillers, Volumna (temporary up to 2 years) is $795.00/ml; and Bellafill (a permanent filler) is $795.00/ml.

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