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What Is Penile Girth?

Penile girth pertains to the measurement of the circumference or thickness of both the penile shaft and glans (also known as the head of the penis, as elaborated upon in the separate treatment). It is noteworthy that the penis exists in two distinct states: flaccid, characterized by softness, and erect, characterized by firmness. During the transition from the flaccid to erect state, the penile shaft and glans exhibit a substantial increase in girth.

In the flaccid state, the normal range for penile girth or circumference is typically between 3.5 to 4.5 inches. As for the erect state, the normal range for girth or circumference falls within the range of 4.5 to 5 inches, allowing for minor variations of approximately a quarter inch in either direction. These parameters serve as a guideline to assess and understand the dimensions of the penile girth in a physiological context.

Non-Surgical Penile Girth Enhancement

Beverly Hills Male Enhancement employs a minimally-invasive technique utilizing permanent filler (such as Bellafill) for various penile enhancements, including girth enlargement of the penile shaft, flaccid lengthening of the penile shaft, enlargement of the penile glans (head of the penis), as well as scrotal/testicular enhancement and corrective treatments.

Notably, Bellafill is employed without the need for general anesthesia, sutures, and carries a low risk of scarring or infection. Patients generally experience minimal discomfort, as the technique involves the careful insertion of tissue layering activation filler material beneath the penile skin.

Following the insertion of this material, a natural process is triggered within the body, stimulating the production of one’s own collagen. Collagen serves as the structural framework that binds together the skin, subcutaneous tissue, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

The newly formed permanent collagen facilitates the growth of blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues in the treated area, leading to an increase in penile shaft girth. Trust our experts in Male Enhancement, as this process occurs naturally and delivers permanent results.

What To Know About Penile Girth Enhancement

It is essential to consider individual preferences and the satisfaction of both the patient and their partner when undergoing penile girth enlargement procedures. While some individuals may find one treatment sufficient, optimal results are often achieved with at least two treatments. After the initial treatment, two potential issues may arise: the desire for further girth increase and the need to achieve a functional and aesthetic balance among different areas.

It is crucial to note that the effectiveness of the procedure may vary based on patients’ adherence to specific protocols and massaging instructions provided by Dr. Lander and Dr. Liu. The vast majority of patients who diligently follow the post-procedure protocols experience highly favorable outcomes. However, those who fail to comply may risk suboptimal results.

A special consideration should be given to the natural collagen formed as a result of the filler material’s stimulation. This collagen matrix is comprised of the patient’s own natural living tissues and, like any natural living tissue, responds to stress. Following the enlargement process, the penis, now augmented by the production of collagen, will encounter stress during sexual activities such as intercourse or masturbation. Over an extended period, particularly with above-average sexual activity, subtle shifts in the collagen material may occur, potentially necessitating future treatments to maintain symmetry and enhance aesthetic outcomes.

However, if the collagen is sufficiently thickened through multiple treatments, the risk is significantly reduced due to the increased volume and stability of the collagen structure, enabling it to withstand substantial forces and pressures.

How Does Penile Girth Enhancement Work?

In our practice, we utilize the patient’s own fat or Bellafill filler as a material for non-surgical augmentation. This approach offers several advantages, including the absence of rejection risks as the fat is derived from the patient’s own body. Furthermore, there is an almost limitless supply of fat available, allowing for re-injection whenever desired. In the event of uneven fat distribution, excessive areas can be trimmed, and new fat can be injected into depressed areas, ensuring a more balanced outcome.

One disadvantage of using fat is that a portion of the injected fat, typically around 40% to 50%, may naturally dissipate over time. Moreover, if a substantial quantity of fat is injected independently, it can feel overly soft and unnatural. However, when combined with sheaths such as Surgimend or Alloderm, the results feel natural and yield positive outcomes.

Surgical approaches to enhance the penile shaft involve the insertion of collagen-based sheaths such as Alloderm or Surgimend. These sheaths, wrapped around the penis shaft, immediately increase girth. Additionally, they stimulate the body’s own collagen production, leading to further girth expansion over time. The insertion of these sheaths can be achieved through the same incision used for detaching the suspensory ligament of the penis, eliminating the need for additional incisions. The sheaths are available in thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 4mm, with 3mm being the most commonly utilized size. However, when indicated, a 4mm sheath can also be used. By inserting a 4mm sheath, the circumference of the penis shaft automatically increases by 1 inch due to the sheath’s size. With collagen stimulation, further growth of up to ½ inch in girth can be achieved. Consequently, the total increase in girth ranges from 1 to 1½ inches. When you book your 100% confidential consultation, our doctors will provide you with the best options for your goals.

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