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What Is Penile Head Enhancement?

The head of the penis–known medically as the “penile glans”–is a vascular structure akin to the internal components of the penile shaft. During erections, the shaft engorges with blood and attains firmness, much like the rest of the penis. Enhancing the size of the penile head poses unique challenges due to the absence of certain skin and structural elements found on the shaft. As a result, modifications in our techniques are necessary to achieve proportional enlargement of the glans in relation to the shaft. While the degree of change attained through glans treatment may not precisely mirror that of the shaft, even a modest increase of a half inch in head size can contribute to achieving a more balanced appearance when accompanied by a more substantial increase in shaft size.

What To Know About Penile Head Enhancement

While head enlargement necessitates a distinct approach, it is important to highlight that favorable outcomes can indeed be attained. Many patients desire a glans that is proportionate to the increased size of the penile shaft. When significant increases in girth occur without a corresponding enlargement of the glans, the visual appearance may showcase a smaller glans in relation to the now larger shaft.

To address this potential aesthetic concern, we typically recommend that patients undergo simultaneous enhancement of both the shaft and glans to achieve optimal balance and symmetry. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that individual preferences vary. Some patients may naturally possess a larger glans, while others may be content with solely enhancing the shaft. Therefore, a personalized approach is crucial, and Dr. Liu collaborates with patients to ensure the attainment of results that align with their unique goals.

At Beverly Hills Male Enhancement, our team’s extensive experience in penile head enhancement procedures means our doctors have observed moderate gains even after multiple treatments. These gains primarily manifest as an increase in girth size, with a range of ½ to 1 inch in circumference. It is important to set realistic expectations regarding the potential outcomes of penis head enlargement procedures.

How Does Penile Head Enhancement Work?

Combining penile head enhancement with a penile shaft treatment is a commonly recommended approach by our team, as it yields synergistic benefits. To incentivize this combination, we offer a discounted rate for individuals opting for simultaneous glans and shaft procedures. Maximizing the potential for penile glans treatment is advantageous due to the incremental gains achieved with each procedure. It is important to note that natural variations exist in the size of the penile glans, and having a glans that is equal to or slightly smaller than the penile shaft does not necessarily indicate disproportion.

In addition to its time efficiency, the simultaneous enhancement of the glans and shaft is also cost-effective. Furthermore, penile glans treatment has the potential to contribute to gains in penile erect length, as the overall length of the penile shaft can increase as a result of glans treatment.

Various methods are available to augment the glans, with the most commonly utilized approach involving the injection of hyaluronic acid. At our facility, we employ Volumna, a safe and easily administered hyaluronic acid filler. One notable advantage of this procedure is the biodegradability of hyaluronic acid, typically lasting up to 24 months. In the event of an undesired outcome, the filler naturally dissolves over time or can be adjusted using the enzyme hyaluronidase. However, the limited duration of hyaluronic acid’s effects necessitates reinjection every 18 to 24 months. Alternatively, permanent fillers such as Bellafill or the patient’s own fat can also be employed.

It is crucial to highlight that injections should exclusively target the skin and not the spongiosum, the deeper part of the glans, to prevent potential migration issues. Therefore, intradermal injection restricts the volume of filler used, limiting the extent of size increase. Another approach to glans augmentation involves creating a space between the glans and the corpus cavernosum, the erectile tissue of the penis. This space can be filled with temporary fillers like hyaluronic acid or permanent materials like Bellafill. Alternatively, the patient’s own fat can be injected. The advantages and disadvantages of each method will be comprehensively explained during the consultation with the doctor. An alternative technique involves direct insertion of materials into the space, which can be either temporary or permanent. Notably, this approach can contribute not only to glans size increase but also, in some cases, to lengthening, as the glans is pushed forward by approximately ¼ inch or more.

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